Protect your screen with new nanotechnology.

The problem: It’s happened to everyone! You put your smartphone into your pocket and it gets damaged. Keys, coins or other sharp objects scratch the screen. Scratches and tiny cracks are ugly, annoying and they reduce the value of your phone.


The solution: Kristall - the simplest and most efficient way to protect your screen from scratches and scrapes. Once applied, your screen is better protected against scratching in a revolutionary way - for up to one year. Without leaving a trace.

The benefits of Kristall.

Invisible protection: Invisible and effective protection from scrapes and scratches without any negative side effects.


H9-protection: Increase the scratch-resistant hardness of your glass - up to hardness H9 grade. The world's hardest nano product.


No air bubbles: Enjoy your smartphone without bubbles or glue stains from poorly applied protective film.


Save money: A scratch-resistant screen means your smartphone doesn’t lose value because of scratches.


Lasts for a year: A single treatment with Kristall will protect your glass for up to one year, after which the effect will begin to wear off.


Fewer fingerprints bonus: Kristall also reduces fingerprints and smudges.

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