Frequently Asked Questions about Kristall.


How to apply Kristall?


  1. Clean the screen with the accompanying cleaning swab.
  2. Next, polish the screen with the fibre cloth.
  3. Apply an even layer of the Kristall nano liquid to the device's glass screen.
  4. Leave the device for 120 seconds.
  5. Then polish the device with the fibre cloth and leave it for another 60 seconds.
  6. The device is ready to use, but the nano protection will only be fully hardened after 48 hours.

How many times must Kristall be applied, and how long does it last?

To achieve the best result, only apply Kristall once. You may apply it again after one year. Repeated coats applied within a short space of time will not provide better protection.

Can Kristall be used on metal or plastic surfaces?

Kristall is ideal for glass surfaces. It is not effective on metal or plastic surfaces.

How effective is Kristall protection compared to no extra protection?

Kristall uses a physical concept that improves protection. Applying Kristall to the screen adds an extra layer that provides scratch-resistant protection. Kristalls' revolutionary treatment is invisible and leaves the screen nice and sleek.

Can a Kristall coating also protect my phone glass from breaking?

Kristall does not protect your glass from breaking or splintering. It makes the glass more scratch-resistant.

Is the glass surface protection guaranteed?

Kristall does not mean your screen cannot be scratched but it does greatly increase its scratch-resistance. It makes it more difficult to scratch the surface.

Can I use Kristall on digital camera lenses and other glass surfaces?

It is not recommended that you use Kristall on digital camera lenses.

I have a device with Gorilla Glass, will Kristall improve its robustness?

Yes, Gorilla Glass© is the perfect base to which to apply Kristall. 
The screen hardness is improved from H2 or H3 to H9. See the list of phones with

Gorilla Glass©

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